About us

We are an importer of chilled and frozen, innovative products, marketed exclusively for the Swiss market and from European companies (mainly located in France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain).

With our solid presence on the market since 1993, and in close partnership with our suppliers, GEMMA Gastronomie SA has always been a market developer for the Swiss large-scale distribution as well as for wholesalers specializing in Food Service.

Based in Orbe, a central point for distribution in Switzerland, we are a family-run company with more than 30 employees.

Thanks to the dynamism and expertise of our employees, many successes mark our history today.

Our engagements

The development, and therefore the growth of our company, is based on listening to the needs of our customers on the one hand, as well as on mastering the key skills of our field of activity (logistics and analysis of trends of consumption) on the other hand.

We are convinced that we have a responsibility both towards society and towards our employees. These principles are at the heart of each of our decisions. In everything we do, we seek honesty, fairness and integrity and thus respect 5 strategic principles:


Reassure the trust of our customers in the long term.


Seek optimal solutions for our company, our partners and our customers.


Develop human resources and strategic skills.


Encourage mutual respect and the achievement of results as a team.


Ensure virtuous growth that respects the environment.

The respect and fulfillment of our employees is an integral part of our approach.

Training, listening, and assistance are all means that we implement so that everyone feels involved and adheres to this approach.

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