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Who we are?

GEMMA Gastronomie SA is an importer of innovative fresh and frozen products exclusively for the Swiss market coming from European countries (France, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Spain)

Holding a significant position in the market since 1993, and in close and reliable partnership with our suppliers, GEMMA Gastronomie SA has always been a developer of markets of Swiss mass distribution and wholesalers specializing in Food Service.

Based in Lonay, it’s a family-size company with 30 employees.

By virtue of the companies dynamism and expertise, many successes now mark our reputation.

Our commitment: 

As a family business, we bear a great responsibility towards our employees and the society. Our continuous development plan is based on the following values:

Long-term partnerships:

Long-term partnerships is the core of our success. We have been working hand in hand with our largest suppliers and customers for more than 25 years and develop the markets together with them.

Society and environment:

As a family-owned company, we not only feel close to our employees, but also to society we live in. Our actions are based on the conviction that a corporate culture is not solely only based on profit and growth, but we also has to take responsibility towards society. Our constant concern is to make a positive impact on the society and to keep control of our actions on the environment as low as possible.

1. Creating a long lasting and trustful relationship with clients
2. Seeking optimal solutions for our company, our partners and our customers
3. Developing human capital and strategic skills
4. Encouraging the mutual respect and realization of team results
5. Ensure growth and respect for the environment

Respect and employee development are an integral part of our approach Training, paying attention and assistance are ways we implement so that everyone feels involved and adheres to our common goals.

27 years of experience in the Swiss market

1’200 m2 of cold refrigerated warehouse and 400 m2 of frozen storage

4’000 tons of merchandise per year

30 employees at your service