Product development

We are active in both the marketing of private label products and branded ones.

Having become essential for the image of major brands, we support and help them launch products under private label so that they can develop their business while building customer loyalty through identifiable brands.

From the call for tenders, to the follow-up of the creation and specification of the product, until its launch, we help distributors to orchestrate and improve their private labels by accompanying them throughout their project.

When products are launched, we are involved at all levels of the development chain in order to meet the requirements of both our customers and Swiss legislation.

Also specialized in the launch of branded products, we make the link between suppliers and our customers. We help them introduce and position these products on the market so that they find a place of choice on the shelves of Swiss retailers. The marketing of new products, which will meet all the needs and desires of consumers, is one of our key skills.