With an 1’200 m2 of cold refrigerated warehouse and 400 m2 of frozen storage, GEMMA Gastronomie SA handles more than 3’000 tons of merchandise per year.

Respecting the contracted dates and through the principle of “first in/first out”, we prepare the orders according to the wishes of our customers.

EDI/ERP system:
Thanks to our advanced IT system, we are capable to handle more than 2500 orders per day and deliver them directly all over Switzerland seven days a week.
Our ERP has module dedicated to the Supply Chain management and is able to track traceability and storage.
Order processing through EDI gives our clients assurance of a fast and quality service.


GEMMA Gastronomie SA relies on solid partnerships with Swiss transporters for many years.
Our obsession: Deliver on time and ensure the cold chain throughout!
We are also a major player in the Food Service to deliver in smaller volumes.